Vehicle service and maintenance for all Land Rover Vehicles

The Manufacturers recommend regular servicing for your vehicle throughout its life.
Recommended service intervals are shown in your Owners Handbook.


The Benefits of Regular Services Are:

 A good service records help maintain the value of your Land Rover
 Preventative maintenance reduces running costs over the life of the vehicle
 Minimise the risk of a breakdown and accidents
 Helps to keep you safe and legal as regards tyres, brakes, etc.


Vehicle Reports:

A big part of a service is the vehicle inspection by a qualified Land Rover mechanic.

Wheel alignment

There are typically three types of service:

 For older vehicles, an intermediate service at 10,000 kilometres, which is a general check and oil change.
 An annual service at 20,000 kilometer intervals, which is a comprehensive check, an oil change, and can include the replacement of certain wearing items.
 A major service, at various intervals, which is an annual service with additional checks and possible component replacement.

For vehicle service schedules refer to your manual or call Davis Performance Landys.

Full service for all models of Land Rovers including all new car service requirements.

Service schedule

 Replace Oil Filter
 Under Bonnet Check
 Fluids Topped Up
 Inspect Belts and Hoses
 Test Battery
 Safety Inspection
 Brake/Hand Brake Adjustment
 Electrical System Check
 Cooling System Test
 Tune Up/Check Ignition System
 Replace Spark Plugs
 Replace Air Filter
 Replace Fuel Filter
 Replace Brake Fluid as Required
 Replace Coolant as Required
 Wheel Bearing Repack
 AutoTrans Service
 Gear Oil Change
 Diff(s) Oil Change
 Diesel Major Service
 Tighten Suspension
 Engine Diagnostics -latest testing Equipment
 Assessment of Active Suspension
 Provides a Free Report and will Discuss with the Owner
 Steam Clean
 Road test

Options upgrade also discussed to recommend how to get the best out of the vehicle for the purpose it will be used for.

Electronic wheel alignment for Australian Roads

Wheel alignment

New Land Rovers delivered to Australia are not set up for Australian conditions. This is especially true for Camber, Castor and Toe In. All new Land Rovers need to have a full wheel alignment to set the car up for Australian roads. To this extent Davis Performance Landys has installed the latest wheel alignment and balancing system.