Performance; General Introduction

Everyone who owns a Land Rover owes it to themselves to get a Davis Performance Landys performance chip or computer upgrade. With these Land Rover performance chips or computer upgrade, your vehicle will produce more power, and that means that you will experience better acceleration and improved mileage.

A Davis performance chip or computer upgrade will get you ready to hit the trails or the street with more acceleration and power than you thought imaginable.

Davis Performance Landys has developed the industries best performance software and upgrades to make your Land Rover perform to its best. Using both ECU upgrades and custom chip tuning a Davis Performance Landys tuned motor can perform to a 33% increase in power and 25% increase in torque. This will lead to superb acceleration, better fuel economy and smoother towing.

Using Startling conditions and 25 years of Land Rover Experience Davis Performance Landys has developed the ultimate upgrade software for your Land Rover.

Diagnostics and computer upgrades are performed using the Auto logic Diagnostics systems.

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 Defender Tdi
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