Llams Height Kit, Jeep Grand Cherokee & Dodge Ram

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The Llams kit provides the ability to raise the vehicle by approx 32mm/1.25" or 50mm/2" whilst at normal ride height, therfore without speed limitations, to allow improved ground & bump stop clearence when travelling off road on high crown gravel roads or other off road conditions where extra clearence is required.

Note: Vehicle handling may be altered when traveling at raised heights.

Llams can also lower the vehicle which whenused in conjuction with park mode can make entering & exiting the vehicle easier especially for mobility impaired people. The following are the approx height changes at NRH for the various Llams switch settings. Changes at other height modes may be slightly different. Attempted use of Llams high with OR2 on a Jeep Grand Cherokee will eventually cause the system to log a fault because the vehicle simply cannot be extended to that height.Speed limitations of thevarious modes are unchanged, e.g. using Llams high with OR1 willadd approx 30mm to OR1 height until the suspension system lowers to NRH where upon NRH will be 32mm higher than usual. The module can be recalibrated for thesame or a different vehicle, Including moving the kit between a Jeep Grand Cherokee to a Dodge Ram.

Approx Height Changes:

Low: -22mm/-32mm For Jeep Grand Cherokee depending on vehicle setting at calibration.

Low: -24mm For Dodge Ram

Off: No change

Medium: +32mm

High: +55mm

The system modifies the height sensor signals, offsetting each of the 4 valves to cause the suspension module to believe that the vehicle is lower or higher than it really is & therefore adjust the air volume in the air springs until the modified sensor signals are as expected for the target height. The system does not communicate with nor modify the suspension module, thereby retaining unaltered all original plausibility andcontrol checks.

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