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Quickly and easily mount lights to your Jeep JK Wrangler with the Front Runner Windshield spotlight brackets.

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Jeep JK 5 Dr Extreme 2007+ SlimlineII 1425 x 2368

This Slimline II rack kit contains the Slimline II tray (1425mm x 2368mm), the  Jeep Extreme Mounting System and a Wind Deflector.
This rugged, sophisticated, high performance, nearly indestructible mounting solution allows you to quickly remove the Freedom Panels and works with the hard top on or with no roof at all.
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AU$700.00 AU$635.00

Front Runner has taken the best features of the Slimline II Roof Rack and created a completely flat tray designed specifically for inside the Jeep Wrangler JKU - 5 dr.

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AU$1,200.00 AU$1,115.00

Jeep G/Cherokee WK2 2011+ SlimlineII Roof Rack 1255(W) x 1560(L)

This full size Slimline II rack kit contains the Slimline II tray (1255mm x 1560mm), (2) Front Runner custom vehicle specific Foot Rails with table openings and a Wind Deflector.​​​

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AU$1,175.00 AU$1,050.00

Ford Ranger / Mazda BT50 2012+ Slimline II Roof Rack 1255(W) x 1358(L)

This Slimline II rack kit contains the Slimline II tray (1255mm x 1358mm), (2) Tracks, (4) Feet that fit into the Tracks and a Wind Deflector.​​​
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AU$150.00 AU$115.00

​This kit allows you to seel off the gaps in your vehicle's tailgate and prevent dust from getting into your vehicle's load bed area.

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Nissan Patrol Slimline II Roof Rack 1345(W) x 2166{L}

This Slimline II rack kit contains the Slimline II tray (1345mm x 2166mm), (8) Gutter Mount Legs and Wind Deflector.​​​​​

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AU$275.00 AU$270.00

Water Tank 40L Upright 1260L x 65W x 580H


A 40l (10.6gal) water tank that is perfect for showers, drinking, and cooking. This slim upright water tank fits inconspicuously behind the rear seat of your vehicle.
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AU$301.00 AU$273.00

Water Tank 41L Upright 1350L x 80W x 630H

This 41l (10.8gal) water tank has two cut-outs to allow fitment to a wider range of vehicles, including even the smaller 4WD wagons and most double cabs utility vehicles.
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AU$120.00 AU$101.00

A 1.6mm thick aluminium tread plate that fits onto the sill of your vehicle for added protection.​

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AU$160.00 AU$155.00

For use with most Surf, SUP, Wind Surf and Kite Boards. Specially designed to keep your boards safe and secure during transport on the world’s toughest roads. Features variable width adjustment, padded board protection and universal water sport board compatibility.

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